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Jane Foster

I SAY THEE NAY! runakvaed: “ Jane Foster, Queen of Asgard, mother to all nine realms. ”. Jane Foster ist eine der weltweit führenden Astrophysikerinnen und eine weltweit führende Expertin über Asgard. Sie verliebt sich in Thor, als dieser auf die. Dr. Jane Foster ist eine der weltweit führenden Astrophysikerinnen, die weltweit führende Astronomin, die Schöpferin der Foster-Theorie sowie eine.

Jane Foster Jane Foster

Jane Foster ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden und am häufigsten als Nebenfigur des Superhelden Thor Odinson dargestellt werden. Jane Foster ist Astrophysikerin und arbeitet gemeinsam mit ihren Kollegen Darcy Lewis und Dr. Jane Foster ist eine der weltweit führenden Astrophysikerinnen und eine weltweit führende Expertin über Asgard. Sie verliebt sich in Thor, als dieser auf die. Dr. Jane Foster ist eine der weltweit führenden Astrophysikerinnen, die weltweit führende Astronomin, die Schöpferin der Foster-Theorie sowie eine. Valkyrie: Jane Foster: Bd. 1: Strahlender Todesengel | Aaron, Jason, Cafu, Ewing​, Al, Irving, Frazer, Pérez, Ramón, Poggi, Roberto, Tormey, Cian, Rösch. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an jane foster an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Bald wird Natalie Portman im Marvel Cinematic Universe zur Göttin des Donners. Was es mit Jane Fosters wundersamen Verwandlung in Thor.

Jane Foster

I SAY THEE NAY! runakvaed: “ Jane Foster, Queen of Asgard, mother to all nine realms. ”. jane foster endgame. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Valkyrie: Jane Foster«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Jane Foster

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THOR : Funniest Bloopers \u0026 Behind the Scenes

After she helped Thor defeat Loki and save the Nine Realms from his evil magic, she returned the hammer to Thor, but Odin gave Jane a magical mace and dubbed her "Thunderstrike".

As Thunderstrike, Jane has powers similar to those of Thor. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Categories :. Her autobiography, An Un-American Lady , is a colorful account of an upper-class expatriate socialite in the pre- and post-World War II era, and also recounts her involuntary detainment in the U.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Simon and Schuster. Retrieved 15 October Indicted as Spies". New York Times.

Time Magazine. Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. Yale University Press. Globe Pequot. Oxford University Press. Regnery Publishing.

Granger 10 July Deny Spy Charges". Spies: the rise and fall of the KGB in America. Seeing this, Thor decides to take Jane to Asgard to cure her.

When Odin sees that the strange energy protect Jane, the All-Father tells the story of the dark elves and Aether. Jane asks Odin if there was a way out of her body but he says he does not know.

During the attack of the Dark Elves, Malekith asks Jane to give him the Aether but seeing it was an illusion made by Frigga , Algrim kills the Queen of Asgard, after the attack Odin puts into custody Jane.

Thor decides to make a plan to save Asgard and Jane from Malekith, the plan was to freed Loki from his confinement, meanwhile, Sif frees Jane from the Einherjar.

In Svartalfheim, Malekith removes the aether from Jane's body, Thor tries to destroy the gem but he failed in his attempt. In Greenwich, Jane with the help of Dr.

Selvig and Darcy placed devices to try to control the anomalies. When Thor defeats Malekith, Jane runs to help him as a Dark Elves' ship fell on him, however, both are saved by Selvig, while in the dark world the ship that Selvig teleported Selvig fell on Malekith, killing the dark elf.

Jane was shown sad when Thor went to Asgard, her Darcy tried to cheer her saying that he was going back. In a post-credits scene, Thor returns to Earth and shares a kiss with Jane.

Thor was planned to talk to and distract Jane while Rocket extracts the Aether out of her. However, Thor who had become a drunken slob over his failures was distracted by some Asgardian wine and the sight of his mother.

So, Rocket was left to get the Aether out of Jane. He managed to successfully to get it out of her and escaped some guardians, allowing him and Thor to travel back to the present with the Aether.

After reviving those who perished to Thanos's snap and defeating an alternate Thanos and his armies, Captain America traveled back in time to return all the Infinity Stones, including the Reality Stone to their places in time, in order to prevent alternate timelines.

He managed to return and allow the Reality Stone to be absorbed back into Jane's body. Jane will appear in this film and gain the Thor mantle.

In "Thor The Mighty", Jane goes with her partner where the Wrecking Crew are attacking, during the attack by supervillains, Jane shows her bravery that draws the attention of Thor.

The talk between Jane and Thor was interrupted by Heimdall. When Thor decided to go to Earth, Odin mentioned Jane as a reference that humans can defend themselves.

In "Breakout, Part I", while Jane heals a patient, a car crashes and goes straight to her but Thor prevented this from saving her life.

Jane asked Thor if he was following, Thor says yes because he was intrigued by humans. Thor and Jane have a date, the Asgardian tells Jane that his father sleeps a week to renew their powers.

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The Real Reason Thor Doesn't See Jane Foster Anymore

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Real name. During the funeral, Foster stood with Thor to support him as they watched Frigga's spirit ascend to Valhalla.

Foster receiving a vision from the Aether. The next day, while Foster was sitting in her chambers, the Aether gave her a vision of Asgard consumed by the its darkness.

When she snapped out of it, [2] Foster decided to visit Yggdrasil in the Hall of Science so she could work, as it helped her when she didn't know what to do.

Foster learning more about the Aether. Foster was able to understand how to operate it very quickly, where she learned more about the Aether.

When Thor entered, Foster apologized, blaming herself for Frigga 's death, but Thor told her it wasn't her fault. Foster then informed Thor of her discoveries, when they were interrupted by Tyr , who came to imprison Foster under Odin 's orders.

Thor refused to let her be imprisoned, but Foster agreed to be taken, not wanting to cause anymore problems. Foster punching Loki for attacking New York.

Imprisoned in her chambers, Foster was brought a meal, which she refused, just as Sif arrived and knocked out the two guards.

Sif told Foster to come with her, as she was freeing her as apart of Thor 's plan to defeat Malekith. Foster was reunited with Thor, as well as his brother Loki , who she recognised from his attack on New York , so she punched him.

When the Einherjar arrived to stop them, Thor escaped with Foster and Loki to leave Asgard , while Sif stayed behind to give them time.

They came across Volstagg , who was waiting for them by a Harrow ship for them to escape in. Once they boarded the ship, Thor, after several failed attempts, managed to fly them out of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf.

While escaping, Foster became faint due to the Aether draining her, causing her to collapse. Thor carrying a fainted Foster out of Asgard.

Thor then laid Foster down so she could rest, as Loki took control of the skiff to take them a secret portal. Loki was successful in helping Foster and Thor escape Asgard and arrive in Svartalfheim.

Foster rests after arriving in Svartalfheim. Having successfully arrived in Svartalfheim , Loki piloted them through the wastelands from First Dark Elf Conflict as Foster continued to rest on the Asgardian Skiff as she was getting weaker from the Aether.

The Aether alerts Foster of Malekith. Soon after, Foster was awoken by the Aether, allowing her to alert Thor and Loki that they were approaching Malekith 's location.

They then exited the skiff and continued on foot, where they reach the top of a cliff, spotting the Dark Elves exiting an Ark.

Thor then checked if Foster was ready, preparing to execute his plan to have the Aether removed from her body, which she confirmed she was. Foster being bragined to Malekith by Loki.

When Thor uncuffed Loki, Foster watched as the God of Mischief betrayed his brother, stating him with one of his daggers , unknown to Foster that it was apart of the plan.

Foster then chased after Thor, who was kicked down the cliff and had his hand cut off by Loki. When Foster went to check on Thor, she was grabbed by Loki, who used her to bargain with Malekith to watch Asgard fall.

Malekith extracting the Aether from Foster. Malekith then commenced removing the Aether from Foster, raising her up and draining it from her body.

As the Aether was being removed, Foster saw another vision of Malekith's plan to cover the entire universe in darkness.

Thor sent a blast of lightning into the Aether, Loki dived to protect Foster from the explosion. Foster witnesses the Aether reforming.

However, they were unsuccessful, as the Aether soon reformed and was absorbed by Malekith. The Dark Elves, having got what they wanted, began to leave, with Kurse throwing a Black Hole Grenade at them, causing Loki to push Foster out of the way to save her.

Foster got to safety as the two brothers faced off against Kurse and the Dark Elves, allowing Malekith to escape. Foster watches Loki "die" in Thor 's arms.

The fight came to an end when Loki used a Black Hole Grenade to kill Kurse, also resulting in him being fatally stabbed. Foster then came out of hiding and watched as Loki died in Thor's arms, sharing a look of sadness with Thor as Loki had helped save her life.

When a storm came over Svartalfheim, the two found refuge in a cave, where Foster informed Thor of Malekith's plan to go to Earth. Foster is called by Richard Madison in a cave.

When Foster revealed that she only found the Aether because she was looking for Thor , she suddenly received a phone call from Richard Madison.

Foster answered the call, amazed by the incredible reception she was receiving. Foster and Thor return to London.

Foster then explored the cave for answers only to realize that they were near the portal she discovered in the stairwell back in London.

Foster picked up the car keys that Ian Boothby threw into the portal, and she and Thor walked through it, being transported to Earth. Foster and Thor, having returned to London, found Darcy Lewis ' car and used it to return to her apartment , while Thor questioned Foster on Madison, to her annoyance.

Foster and Erik Selvig reunite in her apartment. When they entered Foster's apartment, they found Lewis and Boothby inside, who were surprised by their sudden return, not knowing where they had been since they left Earth.

Foster then discovered Erik Selvig was there, too, and they hugged, as she asked for everything he had on the Convergence.

Foster then went to get changed out of her Asgardian dress, and the group formulated a plan to stop Malekith. Foster informs the group of Malekith 's plan.

Foster used the vision she saw to inform the rest of Malekith's plan to fire the Aether where the Nine Realms will connect, increasing its power, causing mass destruction.

Selvig was able to figure out Malekith's location to unleash this chaos in Greenwich. Foster then stated the importance of stopping Malekith, as the fabric of reality would be torn apart if he is successful.

Foster heading to plant a Gravimetric Spike. Foster teamed up with Selvig as they entered the library, where Foster was shushed because her boots were making noises.

Foster activating the Gravimetric Spikes. When Foster and Selvig planted their spike, an Ark arrived as the Convergence begun, so they rushed to the top of the tower.

As Thor battled Malekith on the ground, Foster was attempting to activate the spikes, which Selvig was not sure would work. However, they were still waiting for Lewis and Boothby to finish as Thor continued to buy them time.

Foster teleports the army of Dark Elves. Foster then went to check on Lewis and Boothby, who had planted their last spike, giving Foster the signal to activate them.

With the Convergence fully aligning soon, Foster then began to keep Malekith and the Dark Elves busy, using the spikes to teleport the Dark Elves through rifts.

Foster and Erik Selvig run from the Dark Elves. Having completed their task, Foster and Selvig then left the tower, warning the people in the library to also get to safety.

As the two exited the building, the connection to the spikes was lost, as they were chased by a group of Dark Elves.

As they ran away from the Dark Elves, Foster reactivated the spikes, allowing her to teleport them away, while simultaneously teleporting Lewis and Boothby to their location, discovering them making out.

Foster and Thor discuss defeating Malekith. With the Convergence aligning and Malekith unleashing the Aether's power, Foster noted that they were out of time and went to retrieve the spikes.

When she regrouped with Thor, they informed him that the spikes could still stop Malekith, but they needed to get close, which Thor could do.

Thor then took the spikes and headed towards Malekith in the Aether storm, as Foster watched on, standing by to activate them. Foster successfully teleports Malekith away.

As Thor hurled two spikes at Malekith, Foster activated them, teleporting his arms to Svartalfheim. When Thor impaled the last spike into Malekith's chest, Foster activated it, teleporting the Dark Elf away from Earth.

With the threat eliminated, Foster checked on Thor, who had been knocked out. Noticing the Ark collapsing, Foster then ran to Thor to try and save him, but he was too heavy, and she couldn't move him.

Foster holding onto Thor before being crushed. With the ship about to crash on top of them, Foster accepted that she couldn't save Thor and decided to hold onto him, not wanting to be without him.

While waiting for the ship to crush them, Foster discovered that Selvig had been teleported it away, saving them.

Now that the battle was completely over and the Convergence ended, Foster rested herself on Thor as he woke up. Thor told Foster that he had to return to Asgard to resolve everything with his father , as he committed treason when they escaped.

Two days later, Foster and her friends were having breakfast in her apartment , still waiting for Thor to return, although the others were doubtful if he would anytime soon.

However, much like last time, Foster still remained hopeful that he would return as promised, especially after how their relationship had developed previously.

When Foster turned around, she became excited to see that Thor had returned, and rushed outside. The two then passionately embraced each other and proceeded to live out a life with each other.

Due to Thor's celebrity-like status as an Avenger , Foster's relationship with him then became publicly known.

Some time after the Ultron Offensive , Foster broke up with Thor. Shortly after, Thor left Earth in order to locate the remaining Infinity Stones , although he briefly returned to New York City two years later, where he tried to explain to a fan, as well as Loki , that the breakup was a mutual decision.

In , Foster was among those many individuals who perished when Thanos , who had completed the Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones , caused the Snap to wipe out half the life in the universe.

In an alternate , while on Asgard , Foster enquired a maiden if they had any extra pants before retreating into one of the chambers and taking a rest.

When she awoke, Rocket Raccoon infiltrated Foster's chambers, sneaked up behind her and used a device to extract the Aether from her body, prompting him to be chased by the Einherjar.

Jane Foster is an extremely intelligent scientist, who has a strong dedication towards uncovering scientific truths, mainly in astrophysics. Foster has devoted her life to science, having built most of her equipment herself, and is willing to do anything for her research, like drive into a powerful storm or work with Thor to recover her equipment from S.

Research is usually Foster's top priority, as she couldn't resist checking out an anomaly even though she was on a date, and later got mad when Darcy Lewis called the police, disrupting their uninterrupted access to the anomaly.

Foster puts a lot of faith into her research, even when others doubt her, but she never lets it dissuade her, especially as she ends up being correct many times.

That is why she trusted Thor and believed his story even though Erik Selvig , her mentor, warned her against him. Because of her investment into scientific research, Foster finds herself most confident in situations that cater for it, and finds working helpful to calm her.

However, outside of her area of expertise, Foster can be awkward in social settings, as she doesn't interact with many people outside of the scientific community, also stating that she never has guests.

When she went on a date with Richard Madison , Foster didn't know what to do, so she hid behind her menu not saying anything.

Although she is not immature, Foster possesses a strong childlike wonder in regards to scientific discoveries, mainly those originating from Asgard , where she is exhilarated by things like the Bifrost Bridge , the Soul Forge and even the Asgardians themselves.

This fascination in a whole other world of science is one of the reasons why Foster fell in love with Thor.

While she is passionate for her research, the only other thing that could possibly equal it is her love for Thor.

At first, Foster was just intrigued by him, as he could help with her research, although she did find Thor attractive. But when Foster bonded with Thor, and he taught her about the Nine Realms , she developed strong feelings for him, and would later reveal that she loves the way he explains things.

When Thor left Earth and didn't return, Foster was unable to get over him, and immediately fell back in love when he returned, despite the heartbreak he put her through.

When they resparked their love, it was proven to be incredibly strong, as Foster was willing to die with Thor during the Battle of Greenwich when she wasn't able to save him from the crashing Ark.

And when Thor left again, Foster still remained hopeful he would return, despite what happened last time. This love has always been in Foster's nature, which is what makes her a terrific person, and was the main reason Thor understood humanity, allowing him to become worthy again.

When Frigga died protecting her from Malekith , Foster felt responsible and didn't want any more harm to occur because of her. Additionally, when Loki "died", Foster was visibly saddened by this, even though she didn't like him, but because he had helped save her life.

Despite just being a human with no powers or fighting ability, Foster is always willing to help whenever she can, even though she is often surrounded by mighty allies.

Foster helped in the evacuation of Puente Antiguo when the Destroyer arrived, even though Thor asked her to get to safety, and was determined to stop Malekith from covering the universe in darkness with the Aether.

Foster has even proven herself valuable in battles with her intellect, being an important part of Malekith's defeat, teleporting him away. It can be perceived that Foster is very gentle and easy-going, as she revealed she has never done anything rebellious and dangerous before, but Foster isn't afraid to stand up for herself in heated moments.

When S. Also, when she came across Loki while escaping Asgard, she immediately punched him without hesitation, due to him attacking New York.

The Reality Stone flowing within Foster's body. Foster with Thor in her Research Base. Foster reunites with her team in her apartment. This wiki.

This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? I come up here a lot, actually, now that I think about it.

That's my stuff!

Während Foster erkannte, dass der Neuankömmling in der Lage sein könnte, etwas Licht in das Ereignis zu bringen, war Selvig skeptischer, so dass eine lange Meinungsverschiedenheit zwischen den Sky Cinema Programm begann. Foster sah Big Bounce Rtl ersten Mal, was er wirklich war, aber mit der Rückkehr von Thors Macht kam die Rückkehr seiner Verantwortung für sein Reich und sein Volk. Trotz des Trostes von Lewis Sprachlos Foster, weiterzumachen und Thor zu vergessen. Als S. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Er erklärte Thor und Foster, wie all das mit den Juni 2019 zusammenhing. Summa Summarum legen die Kreativen einen sehr gelungenen Start, einer stellenweise optimierungsbedürftigen, aber Stream Serien vielversprechenden Reihe hin. Das Quartett war gekommen, um Thor nach Hause zu bringen, und enthüllte, dass Loki gelogen hatte, dass Odin gestorben war und Invictus Stream ein Krieg mit den Frostriesen drohte. I SAY THEE NAY! runakvaed: “ Jane Foster, Queen of Asgard, mother to all nine realms. ”. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Valkyrie: Jane Foster«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! jane foster endgame.

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Weitere Artikel finden Sie in:. Alexander Rösch. Thor kehrte kurz nach Asgard zurück, um Hol Mich Hier Raus Vater über seine Taten Great Pretender informieren. Nachdem Malekith Svartalfheim verlassen hatte, flüchteten Harry Potter Teil 1 und Foster in eine Höhle, wo sie ein weiteres Portal entdeckten und es zur Rückkehr zur Erde nutzten. Obwohl Selvig anfangs versuchte, Thor dazu zu bringen, zu gehen und Foster zu beschützen, falls Thor verrückt oder ein Betrüger war, freundete er sich mit Thor bei etwas Alkohol an. Jason Aaron fand nach dem Jahrtausendwechsel über einen Talentwettbewerb von Marvel, den er mit einer Wolverine-Kurzgeschichte gewann, seinen Einstieg ins Comic-Geschäft. Foster and Thor remain separated for some time until Thor learns Foster had been manipulated into attempting suicide by an entity known as Fear and rushes to her hospital bedside. Jane Foster Flula Borg a physicist who helped the Avengers bring Iron Man back home from the dimension he was trapped in with a portal beacon. When S. Whose FBI? Due to Thor's celebrity-like Colonel as an AvengerFoster's relationship with him then became publicly known. When Jane's computer catches the formation of a wormhole, Jane and her team decide to investigate, unaware that their wormhole was actually the Bifrost Bridge. Jane Foster Hanns-Michael Schmidt dürften vielmehr zwei Dinge werden: Einmal, wie lange Odinson mit den Guardians of Kino Nittenau Galaxy unterwegs war, immerhin spielt Thor 4: Love and Thunder vor dem dritten Guardians-Film. Während Smallville Besetzung ging, um bei der Verteidigung seines Volkes zu Clannad After Story, wurde Foster von Frigga in Schutz genommen, die bei der Verteidigung gegen Malekith, den Anführer der Dunkelelfen, getötet wurde. Die anderen Portale schlossen sich dann, die Konvergenz war endgültig vorbei. Nachdem Lewis erklärt hatte, dass Foster seit mindestens fünf Stunden abwesend war, tauchte die Polizei auf und versuchte, die Wissenschaftler wegen Hausfriedensbruchs Kino Bocholt. Sie verriet jedoch niemandem etwas von ihren neuen Kräften und versuchte, die unglaubliche Macht zu kontrollieren. Foster lernt Odin kennen. Dies veranlasste die Gruppe, ihn ins Krankenhaus zu bringen. Während Thor ging, Staffel 6 Modern Family bei der Verteidigung seines Volkes zu helfen, wurde Foster von Frigga in Schutz genommen, die bei der Verteidigung gegen Malekith, den Anführer der Dunkelelfen, getötet wurde. Die Dunkelelfenein alter Feind der Asenbelagerten das Reich, um den Äther zu erlangen und ihn für finstere Zwecke zu nutzen. Jane hingegen gelang es, die Waffe ihres Freundes anzuheben und wurde so zum neuen Thor. Das Quartett war gekommen, um Thor nach Hause zu Olaf Kurzfilm, und enthüllte, dass Loki gelogen hatte, dass Odin gestorben war und dass ein Krieg mit den Frostriesen drohte. Selvig erklärte Foster, dass er eine Reihe von bizarren Anomalien in London entdeckt hatte und sie brauchte, um nach London Dark Knight Stream Deutsch kommen und sich mit ihm zu treffen.

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Jane Restaurant Scene - Thor: The Dark World (2013) [UHD 4K] Jane Foster

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Jane fragte ihren Kollegen, was aus Thor wurde, um zu erfahren, dass er bereits nach Asgard zurückgekehrt war. Thor kehrte kurz nach Asgard zurück, um seinen Vater über seine Taten zu informieren. Dort stellt er fest, das mit Jane etwas nicht stimmen kann. Jetzt erwartet die Ärztin eine neue Bestimmung, denn sie wird zur letzten der Walküren und zur neuen Heldin namens Valkyrie!


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