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Culture Life, obituary, lancet medical journal, drinking alcohol is linked.8 million deaths each year, say researchers who concluded there is no safe level of alcohol use. The adjective itself is not altered (compare the use of - er in German and English; tall taller, klein kleiner ). Cinema, luxembourg's top stories, lSAP plan to reduce 'social envy' will only create more video, electric scooters made in Luxembourg, tricked into an election: Luxembourg's odd small-party scandal Chinese investor to have 'no control' over power network Workforce Hundreds more jobs available through adem compared. The effects of this rule (known as the "Eifel Rule are indicated in writing, and therefore must be taken into account when spelling words and morphemes ending in n. Instead it is formed using the adverb méi :.g. This book has been published with the support of the Fonds National de la Recherche gilles, Peter (1998). Exemple : den H arespel qui veut dire en Français "la guêpe". The latter occur before back vowels, whereas the former occur in all other positions. Clip 3: acheter, vendre / kafen, verkafen. Le francique luxembourgeois enfin à l'école!

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Au sein de la Communauté française de Belgique, le luxembourgeois bénéficie du décret sur la protection des langues régionales endogènes. 63741: "Arrêté ministériel du portant fixation d'un système officiel d'orthographe luxembourgeois" "Et get kèn ä geshriven. Isbn In Luxembourgish schanen, François, Lëtzebuergesch Sproocherubriken. This article is about the language. (no 8 1984( issn ) «Mättigogo in Luxemburger Wörterbuch,.

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