Gratwick fire hall north tonawanda

as the remainder were not willing, they separated, called another pastor, and in 1875 organized the Lutheran. The First Baptist church of North Tonawanda was organized September 6, 1885, with eighteen members, and in 1887-88 an edifice was erected on Van dervoort street at a cost of about 8,000. Wagenschuetz, Leonard Wiedman, and Martin Wurl, aldermen; Hector. Brush, secretary and treasurer. The James Sweeney, whose name appears above, settled first in Buffalo in 1811. The first in the field was the Tonawanda Commercial, which was started. With the community came a carpenter, a blacksmith, a mason, a tailor, a shoemaker and a cabinet maker, which enabled them to live almost wholly upon their own resources. Graf, who is also a harnessmaker. In that summer he sowed eighteen acres of winter wheat and raised 8oo bushels; this he sold to other incoming settlers at seventy-five cents a bushel. Charlton, Merriman Merriman, Export Lumber., Willoughby Hathaway,. In December, 1884, he purchased. Hobbie, who had been employed in the office of the Index, which was started in 1875. 871 Total vessels cleared. The land owned by him and his associates was cleared to supply timber for the Buffalo pier and breakwater, and at the same time to prepare the tract for sale in small lots. Afterward he spent some time as a journeyman, principally in Detroit, Chicago and New York, and while in the latter city was one of four or five compositors who put into type the first dispatch that came over the second Atlantic cable. gratwick fire hall north tonawanda


Sarah Young and Peter North. Grand Island was purchased for the white oak timber in 1833 by the East Boston Company for 16,000. In September, 1853,. This village is located at the confluence of the Niagara and Tonawanta rivers, where the Erie canal from Buffalo enters the Tonawanta, and where boats pass from the canal into the Niagara river by a lock. Hundreds of families left their country on that account. Other later and present merchants are William. The first dry goods store started at Bergholtz was that of Christian Wolf, one of the pioneers.

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